Who Are Candidates For Dental Implants?

Statistics show that tooth loss is common in the United States because of chronic conditions, poor diet, and poor dental hygiene. Dental implants are permanent and more stable replacements for the natural teeth that were lost. If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you should know if you are a good candidate for them.

Committed To Maintaining Oral Health

When you get your dental implants, know that you should increase your efforts when it comes to oral hygiene. This means you need to floss and brush your teeth regularly. Also, make sure you go to your orthodontist for X-rays, checkups, and cleaning.

Oral hygienists say that you should visit your dentist every six months if you already have dental implants. If you had a major oral reconstruction procedure, your orthodontist may ask you to visit every three or four months.

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, you should stop smoking weeks before, and even weeks after the installation of your dental implants. Dental surgeons say that smoking inhibits healing because it deprives your blood of oxygen. Your implants need to merge with your gums properly, and this could only happen with proper tissue oxygenation. The only way to ensure this is to stop smoking.

A Solid Understanding Of The Procedure

Every procedure has risks and complications. Before you get your dental implants, have a good talk with your certified dentist. That way, you can become familiar with issues such as wear and tear or peri-implant disease.

In Good Health

Dental specialists always take your complete medical history before you get your medical implants. This type of dental procedure is always successful in healthy patients. If you want to have dental implants and you have a chronic disease, make sure you have it under control. One such disease is diabetes. Be sure to give your dentist a complete list of all the medications and supplements that you take.

Expect to have an oral X-ray or a possible Computed Tomography (CT) scan. These diagnostic procedures assess the condition of your jaws, nerves, and sinuses. In case you have a bone deficiency in your jaws, your dental surgeon will perform a grafting procedure to allow new bone to grow. Once there is enough bone in your jaws, your surgeon will install your dental implants.

Good Dental Health

Experts say that a successful dental implant starts with good dental health, years before you get the implant. Good oral health ensures the success of your dental implant procedure. Installing dental implants involves surgery. Gum disease or infections could stop any chance of having successful dental implant surgery. If you develop an oral infection, you must recover from this first before your dental implant procedure happens.

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