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Reasons For Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is the procedure of permanently removing a tooth from its socket. Most people do not like the idea of losing a tooth. Tooth extraction is a last resort procedure. You only extract a tooth if you have done everything you possibly can to save it. Even the dentist does not take pleasure in removing a patient’s tooth. Having gaps in your mouth does not look good. It also affects your chewing pattern.

Having gaps between your teeth affects the appearance of your face. Too many gaps give you a sunken face due to receding bone mass in the cheeks where the teeth were extracted. If you have to extract a tooth, you should not worry. You can fill the gap with a dental implant that works as well as your original tooth. Here are some of the reasons that can result in tooth extraction.

Severe Cavities

The pulp is where the life of the tooth is. When tooth cavities reach the center of the tooth, they cause infections in the pulp. Blood capillaries and soft tissue are infected by bacteria from the tooth decay. If the cavity has gone too deep, the dentist tries to save it with a root canal procedure. However, if the infection is severe, the tooth has to be removed to avoid further spread of the infection.

Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal diseases affect the gum and soft palate in the mouth. Gingivitis is one of the conditions that can lead to teeth loss. It is an infection of the gums, alveolar bones, and periodontal ligaments. Cigarette smoking and drug abuse can also result in periodontal diseases. When the gums are infected, they weaken and become unable to support teeth properly. Severe periodontal diseases can make teeth fall out on their own even without assisted extraction.

Traumatic Injury

Sometimes, people lose teeth due to blunt trauma to the mouth. Accidents such as car collisions, severe falls, fights, and other blows to the face can result in loose teeth. If you suffer a blow to the mouth and the teeth are too loose, they have to be removed. Sometimes, loose teeth can be cured with braces and other dental surgeries. However, some cases are too severe and the patients lose their teeth after an accident. If the tooth has cracked, the remaining fragments have to be removed.

Removal Of Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is a tooth that is not fully developed. Some impacted teeth have been blocked from breaking through the gum. Some are partially impacted such that they have begun to break and they get stuck. Such teeth can cause bleeding gums, pain, and discomfort. They can also disrupt the arrangement on the rest of your teeth. Most dentists recommend that impacted teeth are removed to avoid a negative effect on the rest of the teeth.

Misalignment And Overcrowding

Sometimes, the dentist can recommend a tooth extraction due to overcrowding. Overcrowding is caused by a small jawline or teeth that are too big for your mouth. When there is not enough space in your mouth for all your teeth, the dentist can remove some before doing a proper alignment.

For professional and comfortable tooth extraction, contact Stephanie R. Ricks Family Dentistry at our offices in McComb, Mississippi. You can also call (601) 258-8230 to book an appointment.

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